Technology Flight Opportunities

TEST IN SPACE is included in the call GSTP 6.3 called Technology Flight Opportunities for Flight Demonstrators and Carrier Flight Opportunities, as Carrier. This is the open-call GSTP 6.3 TFO from ESA (European Space Agency):

By far the best way to establish the market-readiness of novel European space technologies and products is to actually demonstrate them in space.

The continued competitiveness of Europe’s space industry relies on the timely flight readiness of new space technologies and novel products.

For everything that cannot be fully demonstrated on the ground, In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) helps de-risk the innovation and accelerate their development to the top of the Technology Readiness Level ladder, in turn encouraging their uptake by future missions.

Technology Readiness Levels
In the past companies – especially small-medium enterprises (SMEs) – and research institutions have experienced difficulties in acquiring such flight heritage.

So ESA has established Element 3 of its General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) Period 6 in order to give companies access to the relevant flight environment in the shortest time possible, by embarking flight demonstrators as hosted payloads on a variety of carriers – including suborbital rockets, launchers, satellites and the ISS – with all the onboard resources they need to operate – such as mass, volume, power, data interfaces and so on.

GSTP 6 Element 3 aims to match flight demonstrator needs with available carrier flight opportunities, conduct accommodation studies and support the preparation of flight demonstration payloads and their integration/operation on the host carrier.

To facilitate this process, ESA has launched an ‘Open Call for Technology Flight Demonstrators and Carrier Flight Opportunities’. This Open Call is open to the space industry, research institutions and national agencies of all GSTP-participating ESA Member States for the entire duration of GSTP Period 6 (2013-2018).

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