Scientific and Educational Projects

TEST IN SPACE offers special opportunities for Universities, Institutes, Colleges and Schools to perform scientific and educational experiments in the Multi-Payload Satellites using the simplest payload slot.

Test in Space opens the Gate to Space
to Scientific and Educational Projects and Experiments


You will use a standardized payload design that we will provide you as base to design and develop your own space experiments. After launching the satellite, you will be able to download the results and check the status of the satellite anywhere and anytime using our special software that will connect you to our ground station and the data from your experiments, just few clicks away.

Simplest Payload for Scientific and Educational Projects

This standardized payload includes a PCB design of 35×35 mm with inputs/outputs from the satellite to get power supply, I2C communication to the on board computer, and others. We will provide you all you need to design your space experiments, including full support to develop and perform them.


Contact us to get more information about flight opportunities for scientific and educational projects.

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